Revolutionize Corporate Welfare: trust us to take care of your employees.
We provide innovative services and a team of health professionals who are able to take care of their health also in terms of prevention by putting them in contact with the best specialists and with the facilities connected to our network.

With the support of technology, we make it easy to access our services and to communicate with our staff. Cutting-edge responses also to Covid-19 in order to create a new culture of shared health together.

our services

Check Forward

The health perspectiveA comprehensive and personalised service dedicated to the health of all your employees, so that they can look to their future with confidence thanks to:
  • a tailor-made prevention plan
  • an internist who constantly monitors their health condition
  • a Conciergerie service to support them to follow their prevention plan
  • a personal Digital Health Record
  • Wearable Devices for regular monitoring of parameters
This service can also be extended to family units.

Active care ADVICE

A doctor always with you

24/7 service: your employees can ask to get in touch with a doctor for a consultation:

  • in case of any symptom
  • for a general overview of their health condition
  • to draw up a prevention plan

They will get an anamnesis and guidance on examinations and tests to do and on facilities they can refer to.


covid - 19

Before, during and after

Services to oppose the virus:

  • Active Covid Check to keep monitoring since the earliest symptoms
  • Active Long Covid to support those struggling with post Covid-19 syndromes.
  • Informative webinar to stimulate awareness on how we can deal with the disease and sustain the employees with our services in rehabilitating during the delicate Long Covid-19 phase made of debilitating symptoms.

Vaccine Campaign

Full management

A range of services to run vaccine campaigns in your company:

  • Informative webinar
  • Venue inspection and space organisation
  • Booking management
  • Pre- and post-vaccination counselling
  • Preventive anamnesis, complete and accurate
  • Supply of healthcare personnel for vaccination
  • Medical waste disposal and sanitation

Check Forward

Developed for those companies who want to take care of their employees’ health looking ahead, this service provides an internist who, after assessing potential risk factors, draws up a personal prevention plan with targeted tests and who recommends selected facilities for timely diagnoses and reports.

Our Conciergerie supports them in following their own prevention plan. All the documentation is stored in the Digital Health Record: a medical chart that can be always easily accessed remotely. The service can also be extended to include families.

First video visit

An online interview to know each other in which the doctor takes clinical data to assess the user’s health status and risk factors. Duration: about 45 minutes.

Prevention plan

The doctor draws up an individual prevention plan with specific examinations and tests and suggests facilities to be contacted.

Our Conciergerie

Our desk pointly reminds of the examinations specified in the prevention plan and of updating one’s Health Record.



There is an ongoing online interaction together with the doctor so as to keep updated on the user’s health condition, also by means of wearable devices.


24-hour service: a desk the worker can refer to in order to be put in touch with an internist timely.


Health Record

The Digital Health Record: a medical chart where diagnoses and outcomes are always at hand.

Active care ADVICE

A 24/7 service that your employees can use when needed. Our doctors can provide qualified general clinical guidance answering any question on the most common health issues or providing a complete clinical overview and directing the person to healthcare specialists and clinical examinations or activating a monitoring support with our My MDC Monitoring App.

Thanks to Active Care Advice, your employees always have their doctor close by.

Why choose it

The user can ask for this service in case of symptoms, for a general overview of their health condition and to draw up a prevention plan.

Service activation

The user makes a request by e-mail or telephone to our operations centre and is quickly contacted back by a doctor.


The doctor makes a general clinical diagnosis so as to understand any specific need and to suggest possible further examinations and tests.


Video consultation

The doctor can get in touch also via an online video consultation, if the person asks for it or in case of any specific clinical need.


If necessary, the My MDC Monitoring App is used for a certain period to monitor the vital signs every day.

Other services

The doctor can point the person towards specific prevention and control services, depending on the individual case.

covid - 19

Covid-19 has become a relevant issue not only in personal health care but also in managing the whole population in your company. It is having a significant impact on logistical and personnel organisation transforming working life deeply.

This is why we have decided to support companies by applying our experience and technology in services dedicated to opposing the virus. Even at home, for instance to swab employees.

my mdc monitoring

The App for complete and constant monitoring of vital parameters, easy to use.

Active covid check

Designed both for those who have already tested positive for Covid-19 and those with symptoms. This service provides daily monitoring via our My MDC Monitoring App: data are analyzed in real time by a clinical team that is ready to intervene if necessary.

In the first pandemic phase, we successfully monitored thousands of people and helped big companies protect the health of their employees.

Service activation

The worker makes a request by e-mail or telephone to our operations centre. Our doctors are in charge of activating the service providing all the instructions to access.

Accessing the App

The user downloads My MDC Monitoring App, with which he/she can easily communicate his/her health condition day after day.

Parameter recording

On a daily basis, the user takes his/her vital signs, such as body temperature and more specific symptoms, and enters them into the App.


Communication via App

It works as a short questionnaire where the user enters the measured values and describes any kind of symptoms.

Constant monitoring

The doctor monitors the values and, in case of any anomaly, contacts the user to check his/her conditions and evaluate the intake.


In case users find any difficulty in using our technological tools to communicate vitals and symptoms, they can be supported by our doctors.

Active long covid

Clinical studies have shown that the sooner the rehabilitation is accomplished, the more effective it is. This service is designed to manage long-term Long Covid-19 symptoms, such as persistent tiredness and weakness, headaches, breathing difficulties.

It provides comprehensive support by a team of healthcare specialists including not only our internists but also pulmonologists, cardiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists and psychologists.

First video visit

The employee reports the symptoms to the doctor, who collects them for a full clinical picture.

Clinical tests

The doctor decides on any further examination necessary to complete the clinical picture.

Follow up

All examination results are evaluated by the doctor himself and by the other specialists of the healthcare team in charge.



The doctor draws a monitoring plan in agreement with the team of specialists and arranges regular consultations.

Psychological support

The user can receive psychological support for the whole duration of the monitoring process.

Specialist consultation

Upon request, the user can access video visits with healthcare specialists where he/she can ask specific questions about his/her health.


For companies that have chosen to take charge of their employees’ vaccination, we have developed a comprehensive range of services, both informative and operational. We take care of everything from assessing locations, organising space, providing health personnel for administration, to waste disposal and sanitation.

In addition, we provide an online programme to manage administration and medical history questionnaires, combined with pre- and post-vaccination medical counselling.

Informative webinar

The starting point during which the company can be fully acknowledged and aware about how we can manage the vaccine campaign.

Venue assessment

We organise all the necessary areas: registration desk, administration rooms, emergency room, waiting room and monitoring room.

Online system

An easy-to-access program that collects all user data and organises the calendar in the best way so as not to leave shifts or offices uncovered.


Counseling and anamnesis

Employees can ask for pre- and post-consultations and receive a complete and accurate preventive anamnesis.

Vaccination personnel

We provide a supervising doctor, a medical-nursing team for administrations and administrative staff.

Waste disposal

We take care of both the materials and the bureaucracy for the medical waste involved by the whole administration procedure and the sanitation.